Levi D. Smith presents TTY GFX ADVNTR for Windows 10, a popular role playing game that was originally released on the XBox Live Indie Game marketplace.  TTY GFX ADVNTR puts the player in the role of a hero who must defeat the dragon to save the princess.

The idea for the game was originally conceived through a game jam competition, where the theme was to create a game using a low level programming language in 48 hours.  The game was inspired by BBS DOOR games of the mid-90’s, and it uses a graphical style of games that were played through a computer terminal (TTY).  After receiving positive feedback from the Indie developer community, the original game was ported to the Xbox Live Indie Game platform so that it could be enjoyed by a wider audience.

As the hero, the player must battle monsters across five different lands to gain the experience needed to conquer the dragon.  Long time RPG fans will find the battle system and mechanics very familiar.  While on the adventure, the player will meet various allies who will assist the player in progressing through the story.  Weapons and armor crafted by the blacksmith will give the player the needed power to complete the adventure.


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About Levi D. Smith

Levi D. Smith graduated from the Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta, Georgia in 2002 with a bachelor’s degree in computer science.  He graduated from the University of Tennessee in Knoxville, Tennessee in 2008 with a master’s degree in industrial engineering.  He currently works in the Knoxville area as a software engineer, and he develops computer games in his spare time.


Previous Titles

Resistor was released for XBox Live Indie Games in September 2012.  The game was praised by numerous Indie game review sites, such as Armless Octopus, Ramble Media (formerly XBox Ramble), Did not Finish, and Indie Theory.



Blasting Bits



Blasting Bits is a game that puts you in a world where cyber terrorists have hacked the top level domain and unleashed a horde of malicious viruses.  Using the mass-to-binary converter will allow you to enter the digital world and eliminate the viruses.  If not defeated, the viruses will destroy the digital world.

This was  a game that I was developing in XNA.  Upgrade your abilities by collecting the orbs to fill the sockets in your equipment.


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The objective of Resistor is to build connections to carry flow to activate electrical components. To avoid damaging these components, the flow level must be reduced using resistors. Each level is graded upon number of pieces used, the luminosity of the components, and the time required to complete the level. This game teaches the basics of resistor color code values.  Ninety levels are available with increasing difficulty.

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XBox Ramble

“90 cleverly designed levels in this game which is great news for those of you with a love of puzzlers”

“great value for money and should be in everyones Indie games collection”

Did Not Finish

“Resistor is a nice, quick, good time.”

“Resistor is one of the better things your 80 MS points could go towards.”

XBLA & XBLIG Ratings

“Resistor gets 9/10 for originality and creativity”

Indie Theory

“The gameplay tends to work well, with most of the 90 levels being well-designed”

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Day 1219: Resistor

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“This game is very fun”





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