Now with doors and level changes.

The latest build now contains many more improvements.  I created a Door object, which represents a door which will take the player another level.  An array of Doors is contained in the Map object, but I doubt I’ll ever have more than one door on a map.  However, I may have multiple doors in a level, and each door will take the player to a different level.  A World class has also been created to keep track of all the levels and the current level.


A method to determine if all of the enemies in a level have been defeated has also been added.  When the level is cleared of enemies, the message “DEFRAGMENTATION COMPLETE” is displayed.  At this time, all doors in the level will be unlocked.  For now, this is visually represented by the door changing from red to black.  At that time, if the player collides with the door then they will be taken to the next level as determined by the World object.

On the player class, I added a method which translates the player’s screen coordinates to the room coordinates, since calculating that value each time when needed became confusing.

In the enemy class, the binary code for each enemy is now randomly generated.  At first, I was getting the same binary code for each enemy, since the Random object was declared as an instance variable for each enemy.  To get random codes for each enemy, I had to make the Random object static so it is shared between all of the instances.

One problem that I need to fix is when the player shoots and moves across the room boundary.  In that case, the projectile isn’t associated to a room, so warps over to the next room.  Additionally, I need to work out the issue with the bock collision when moving across a room boundary, which usually pushes the player back a noticeable amount.