Yen Master

Vanquish the demons to become the one true Yen Master! Collect yen to buy powerups, but be careful because the game is over once your yen goes down to zero. Enemy demons and their projectiles will drain your yen.


  • Move Speed (cost 25 yen) – Makes the Yen Master move more quickly. Can upgrade three times.
  • Fire Rate (cost 50 yen) – Increases the frequency that the Yen Master can shoot fireballs. Can upgrade three times.
  • Orb (cost 100 yen) – Summon an orb by your side to shoot additional fireballs (maximum 2). Beware, if an orb is hit by an enemy or projectile it is destroyed (no refunds!)
  • Coin Magnet (cost 75 yen) – Coins are pulled toward the Yen Master. Can upgrade three times, and higher levels increases the magnet range.


  • Peon Demon (gray) – Moves horizontally, and drops 1 yen
  • Circle Demon (blue) – Moves in a circular pattern, and drops 5 yen
  • Fire Demon (yellow) – Move vertically and shoot projectiles at the Yen Master
  • Boss Demon (purple) – Largest demon that shoots projectiles from his eyes. Takes multiple shots to defeat. Drops 100 yen


Created by Levi D. Smith
Built with: Unity

Domino Game

Domino game is a fully functional domino game that follows draw domino rules.  Various options have been added to the game.

The domino game allows between two and four players.  One of those players can be controlled, or all players can be controlled by the computer opponents.

The game is played in rounds, where the player to use all of the dominos in their hand wins the game.  The winner is awarded the value of the dominos in all other player hands.  The number of points to win is set before the game, which can be 50, 100, 150, or 200.

There are four playfields in the game, which are the table, grass, tree stump, and sidewalk.  A random option is also available, which randomly picks a playfield after every round.

The domino colors available are black, white, and red.  The color of the pits can also be selected from black, white, and multi-colored.



Created by Levi D. Smith
Built with: Unity

色のホイール (Iro no Hoiiru)

Game submitted for GM48 29th. Made with GameMaker. Theme was “Colors are Important”.

The wheel of color is composed of six colors (aka, orenji, ki, midori, ao, and murasaki). Hold the spin button to adjust the spin power. When the wheel stops, your marker is moved to the next color on the board matching the color where the arrow is pointing. Your marker moves left to right and bottom to top of the board.

There are three types of spaces on the board. Numbers represent points, which are added to your total score. Plus spins give you additional spins on the wheel. Bankrupt with reset your score to zero.

The game board is randomly generated each time, so each game is completely unique.


Created by Levi D. Smith
Built with: GameMaker