More Armor Models


Using Blender I created models for the body armor, hands, and boots.  By using my same process, I created 20 frame sprites for each of these models and imported those into the game.


I also finally fixed the problem with the dark rooms.  Previously, when the player entered a dark room, the entire screen would go dark except for the area lit by the radiant ability.  This was a jarring effect, because the lit rooms to the left and right of the dark room were also darkened.  To fix this, I created a new method that draws the light mask for each room.  This may be a little wasteful, because it just draws white for lit rooms.  For the dark room, it draws all dark blocks, except for room boundaries which it draws the light gradient blocks.  One improvement could be made for two continuous dark rooms.  In that case, it will draw a slight light band between the two rooms, but it would really just be continuously dark.


Last night, I downloaded a recommended program called SFXR, which was created by Dr Petter.  This program can be used to create a wide variety of sound effects, which can be used in games.  I will probably use it to generate sounds for the zapper shooting and jumping.

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