Camera Movement

The camera in the 3D game world can now be moved and rotated.

Since I’ve had a few days off from work, I tried to make as much progress as I could with development of the Blasting Bits game.  I was able to get the new model processor working, and now the player model is animated in the game.  In Blender I can make multiple animations/clips, but unfortunately XNA will only allow one animation to be imported as noted in this article by Shawn Hargreaves.  So for now the player model continuously runs.  There doesn’t appear to be any elegant solutions for having multiple animations in an FBX file.

I added camera controls to the game, so when the player holds the right trigger the left thumbstick will zoom and rotate the game world.  Zoom is basically just the distance the camera is away from the game world.  Initially, I had the camera changes in set increments which appeared jarring when changed.  To fix this, I added three variables which are increment, speed, and target for both rotation and zoom.  When the player changes the camera, the increment value is added (or subtracted) from the target value.  Then for each update, the increment value is added to the current position until it reaches the target value.  This gives a much more smoother effect when rotating or zooming.