Socket System

Socket system allows special abilities to be assigned to equipment.

I decided to scrap the magic based system for a socket system instead.  Currently, I plan on having five socketable pieces of equipment, which are the helmet, zero gun, one gun, body armor, and boots.  For now, I only allow one socket for each piece of equipment, but I believe I will be able to expand that in the future in some cases.  Some abilities may conflict with others, so I will need to limit what combinations can be used.  A new socket equip screen has been added to allow the player to assign a socket for each piece of equipment.

The helmet sockets will enable visual items such as night vision (to see in dark places) and enemy information.  The zero gun and one gun sockets will modify how the guns work, such as modifying recoil rate and projectile trajectory.  The body armor socket will expand the player’s health and defense.  The boot sockets will modify the player’s jumping ability.  I may also add a hands socket, which will allow the player to hang and climb on walls.

The boot socket is the only one I currently have implemented.  The player can choose between four socketable abilities, which are Jump +1, Jump +2, Jump + 3, and Double Jump.  The three jump abilities will increase the player’s jump height.  The Double Jump ability will allow the player to jump again before touching the ground.