Lack of Updates

A little more than a week ago, I was at home and started having chest pains.  The pains would no go away, so I went to the emergency room and they found a blood clot in my heart.  The operation to add the stent went quickly and it seemed like I was only in the operating room for less than 30 minutes.  After resting in the hospital for three days, I was allowed to leave and return home which was a week ago from today.  Each day I’m feeling stronger, and I’ll be back at my full time job very soon.

I’m taking a break from game development for now.  I think sitting around on my butt in front of the computer three days every week on my off days could have played a role in my heart attack.  I also need to get outside and exercise more.  I’m also improving my diet by eating less fast food and more fruits and vegetables, since I need to cut my cholesterol in about half.  My cardiologist said that I was the youngest person he had ever treated that does not smoke, drink alcohol, or do drugs.  He could not determine any one factor which caused it, but it was more like a one in a million chance thing that happened.  However, doing the right things like eating well and exercising will help lower the chances of it happening again.