New Project: Binary Blaster

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With Resistor now on the XBox Live Indie Marketplace, I decided to start a new project.  I created the design a few weeks ago of a game where the player defeats enemies by shooting them in binary code.


Tonight I brushed up on my Blender skills, since I want to use rendered models for the game.  For now, I still plan on it being a 2D game using sprites, but I’ll use rendered sprites instead of a making the graphics with a sprite editor.

The Wikibooks site has a really great tutorial for creating a simple model, which I worked through a long time ago.  It was helpful to do this again, especially since the last version of Blender I used was before 2.5.

In a small amount of time, I was able to create a simple humanoid figure.


Now I’m getting into new territory with bones.  I’ve tried moving models before in previous games without using bones, but it was a huge headache and didn’t look very good.  After working through the one page tutorial on Wikibooks, my model was moving with the bones pretty well.