Trade Wars Visual

Trade Wars Visual is a Trade Wars helper that I wrote in Java around 2000.  It only supports web BBS connections, so it is not able to connect to dial-up BBSes.  The helper will track which sectors the player has visited, and it will create maps to illustrate the connecting sectors.  The intent was to create a fully visual Trade Wars experience.  The ability to navigate between sectors using mouse clicks is fully implemented, by selecting the sector previews at the top of the screen.  A text based terminal is also supplied to navigate menus not supported by the graphical interface.

A chat window is also provided, which simplifies sending messages to other players in the world or on your team.  It provides a complete chat log window, which is an improvement over standard VT100 terminals which cause chat messages to be lost with the game text.

Download Trade Wars Visual

This software is provided AS-IS with no warranty.

Source code not included.