Amish Brothers Complete

Who are more minimalist than the Amish? Welcome to Amish Brothers where you play as Brother Jebidiah, who must return all of the farmyard animals to the barn. Ten levels of sheep catching action!


This is my first game created in Unity. The development environment has a little bit of a learning curve, but once I got the hang of it most of it made sense. I really like Unity’s ability to import Blender (.blend) models directly into the project. This is something that I have been fighting with in XNA for over six months. The biggest trick was figuring out that I had to select the “Legacy” option under the model’s “Rig” settings. Getting the models to rotate the correct way was also a bit of a challenge, since rotating at the incorrect place will cause the movement vector to change as well.

It was a really enjoyable experience creating all of the assets for the game. All of the models were created in Blender. The music was me playing the guitar with touch-up done in Audacity. The sheep sound was also me, with some pitch and speed distortion in Audacity.

I’m really anxious to hear what people think of the game. I’ll admit that it isn’t the most complex game, but I think it appropriately fits the “minimalism” theme of this Ludum Dare competition.


Play the game here: Amish Brothers

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