Crazy Delivery

Choose your truck and deliver the packages to the buildings. Each truck has different speed, turning, and package capacity. Can you deliver all of the packages before time runs out?

Created by Levi D. Smith
Built with: Unity

Demolition Madness

Demolition Madness Demolition Madness Demolition Madness Demolition Madness Demolition Madness
Demolition Madness


In Demolition Madness, help the construction worker climb the ladders to get to the top of the building to flip the switch to initiate the demolition of the building.  Along the way, you will come across numerous obstacles.  Use your trusty bombs to destroy the destructible blocks in your way.  You will come across foes such as snakes and birds, which will send you back to ground level.  These enemies can be defeated with bombs, but you must carefully place them as there is a countdown until the bombs explode.  Powerups are available to increase your maximum number of bombs, increase blast radius, and reduce countdown time.  Be aware that some powerups are hidden behind destructible blocks.  Two exciting levels to complete!  Can you make it to the top?

Demolition Madness is a game created with GameMaker 2 for the GM48 27th game jam.  The character sprites were created in Inkscape and animated with Spriter Pro.  The music was created in GarageBand on a Mac Book Pro.  The sound effects were made with BFXR.  The block textures and touch up for other graphics was done in Gimp.

Three powerups are available to upgrade your bombs.  Picking up the powerup with the “B” icon will increase your total number of bombs.  Your bomb stock will replenish as your bombs explode.  The blast radius will increase the total explosion area of your bombs, allowing you to destroy more blocks and enemies.  The countdown reduction powerup reduces the amount of time that it takes until your bombs explode.

There are two types of enemies, which impede your path.  Snakes patrol a row of blocks, which are eliminated with a carefully placed bomb.  Birds fly through the air, so they must be avoided when climbing ladders.

The gameplay was inspired by classic arcade games like Donkey Kong, where the objective is to climb ladders to reach the top.  The bomb mechanic and the ability to upgrade bombs was inspired by Bomberman.



Created by Levi D. Smith
Built with: GameMaker

R.C. Extreme

R.C. Extreme is a simple racing game created in Unreal Engine.  A few years ago, I created a racing game that was never a completed game, so I decided to use this game as an opportunity to finally make a fully functional racing game.  I also wanted to work with Unreal Engine again, since it’s been a while since I have made a game in the Unreal Engine editor.

You can hear about the things that I learned with Unreal Engine on the July 2018 Knoxville Game Design show.

The game consists of four cars competing to finish in first place.  The player controls the red car, and must race around the loop for three laps.  There is a ramp half way through the track.  Be careful to not run off the track, as there is no way to recover.

The game takes advantage of the Unreal physics engine, so make the ramp jump and collisions with other cars appear realistic.  The game logic was created using the Blueprints visual scripting tool.  The cars models were created using Blender.  The game supports both keyboard and gamepad controls.

In a future release of the game, I would like to add additional tracks and a track editor.

R.C. Extreme - Title R.C. Extreme - starting line R.C. Extreme - jumping the ramp R.C. Extreme - finish line R.C. Extreme - making a turn

Created by Levi D. Smith
Built with: Unreal Engine