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Three new selectable pieces added to the Gomen-nasai game:  Nut, Jack, and Button.

Move all of your pawn pieces from the Start circle to the Home circle by navigating through the squares on the game board.  Move by drawing cards from the deck, which instruct the player on how many spaces to move.  A Gomen-nasai card lets one of your pawns in the Start circle knock an opponent back to their Start circle and take its position.  Some cards have special properties such as 2 for draw again, 4 for moving backwards, and 7 for splitting the move between two pawns.  The player who gets all of their pawns to the Home circle wins.  Use slides around the board to slide additional squares and knock any pawns on the slide back to their Start circle.






Polyglot Pelican

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  • Move – keyboard arrow keys OR  keyboard A/S/D/W keys
  • Eat – keyboard Space OR mouse left click

Help Polyglot Pelican eat all of the foreign words matching the English word in the upper left corner.  He must  eat one matching word from each language.  The foreign languages are Spanish, Latin, German, French, Japanese, Russian, Korean, and Italian.  Eating an incorrect word will result in the loss of one life.  Crocodiles will also appear randomly and will also result in the loss of one life if they come into contact with Polyglot Pelican.

A bar below the player’s score decreases over time.  Eating the next correct word quickly will result in scoring more points, which range from 200 for fast down to 5 for slow.

There are currently three levels, which each covering a category of words such as Colors, Numbers, and Animals.  Complete all of the stages in a level and you will be able to choose a new level.  The game is completed when all three levels are completed.

The game is over when all lives are lost.  Enter your name to compete in the online leaderboard to prove that you are the ultimate polyglot!