Mahjong Drop


Mahjong Drop is a game where you make melds (combinations) of three tiles to score. The three tiles must be together either horizontally or vertically.

Mahjong Drop uses a standard mahjong tile set, without the honor tiles. There are three suits (bamboo, wheel, and character) and each suit has a value from 1 to 9. There are four tiles for each suit/value combination. Once all tiles are used, a new bag of tiles is generated and shuffled and added to the queue of upcoming tiles.

There are two types of melds in Mahjong Drop.

Chi – Three tiles of the same suit in sequence of value, but the tiles don’t have to be in order.

  • Example: bamboo 3, bamboo 4, bamboo 5
  • Example: wheel 8, wheel 6, wheel 7

Pon – The same three tiles together.

  • Example: character 1, character 1, character 1
  • Example: bamboo 8, bamboo 8, bamboo 8

These are the configurable options in Mahjong Drop before starting the game

  • Columns (default 10) – The number of columns on the game board
  • Rows (default 14) – The number of rows on the game board
  • Highlight meld matches – If your current piece completes a meld on the board, then the matching pieces will flash
  • Colored tiles – Uses shades of red, green and blue to differentiate the three suits. Otherwise, all tiles will be white.
  • Preview Count – The number of upcoming tiles to display (0 through 5)
  • Show Guide – Shows a guide indicating where the tile will drop

The following objectives are tracked by the game. Can you get them all?

  • Chi 1 – create 1 chi meld
  • Chi 5 – create 5 chi melds
  • Chi 20 – create 20 chi melds
  • Pon 1 – create 1 pon meld
  • Pon 5 – create 5 pon melds
  • Total Tiles 25 – drop 25 total tiles on the board
  • Total Tiles 100 – drop 100 total tiles on the board

Tools Used

  • Unity 2019.2.8f1
  • Blender 2.80
  • Gimp 2.10
  • GarageBand 10.3.2
  • iPhone for taking photo of mahjong tiles (Yellow Mountain Imports) and curtain
  • Audacity 2.3.1
  • Bfxr 1.4.1

Created by LD Smith
Built with: Unity