Express Lane

Express Lane is a supermarket checkout simulator.  This project started as a spinoff to the Bag Boy game.  The player can control many different aspects of the checkout simulation.

Each customer has a number of items in their cart.  Customers will pick the optimal lane for checkout depending on the number of items in their cart.  Each customer has a happiness value that starts at 100 and gradually reduces to zero.  When the happiness value reaches zero the customer will leave the store without paying.  The rate of customers entering the checkout area can be increased or decreased by the player.

Lanes can be added and removed.  When a new lane is added, it is initially set to closed, and the lane light will be red.  When the lane is opened, the light will change to green and customers will be able to enter the lane.

An express flag can be set for a lane, so the number of items in a customer’s cart must be equal or less than the lane express limit.  The express limit can be increased or decreased.

Each lane has a cashier, who has a speed rating.  A higher rating means that the cashier will ring up items more quickly, which reduces the chances that the customer will leave unhappy.  As a customer rings up an item, the item will be placed in a bag based on the type of item.  Items are separated based on whether they are fragile, poisonous, meat, or vegetable.

There are currently two views in the game.  The first view is a textual listing of each of the lanes will all of the customers and bags lists.  The second view is a 3D view showing all of the lanes and customers.  In the 3D view, the player has to option to control by overhead view or first person view.