Card Battle

This is a card battle engine that I wrote in 2008.  It is a completely functional game with limited opponent AI.  The game gives the player the ability to select a card deck to use, but the actual deck builder was never implemented.  Sound effects are played as the player places cards and attacks their opponent.  This game was implemented as a Java applet.  The Java Image libraries were used to draw the cards in different rotated positions.  All of the opponents cards are drawn inverted.



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MindSweep Original Java Applet

MindSweep is a bomb sweeping game that I wrote in Java.  Left click on a cell to reveal if a bomb is underneath.  As cells are revealed, the number of bombs touching adjacent cells are displayed.  Right click to mark bomb containing cells.  Uncover all non-bomb cells to win the game.



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Trade Wars Visual

Trade Wars Visual is a Trade Wars helper that I wrote in Java around 2000.  It only supports web BBS connections, so it is not able to connect to dial-up BBSes.  The helper will track which sectors the player has visited, and it will create maps to illustrate the connecting sectors.  The intent was to create a fully visual Trade Wars experience.  The ability to navigate between sectors using mouse clicks is fully implemented, by selecting the sector previews at the top of the screen.  A text based terminal is also supplied to navigate menus not supported by the graphical interface.

A chat window is also provided, which simplifies sending messages to other players in the world or on your team.  It provides a complete chat log window, which is an improvement over standard VT100 terminals which cause chat messages to be lost with the game text.

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