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This is the Workshop area for the latest project development updates. For the complete listing of released games, please see LD Smith Games.


January 2024

  • Bag Boy - New release with updated gameplay and graphics

Bag Boy

October 2023

  • Migrated site to new server. Working on getting website components working again. (main site, workshop wiki, leaderboards, historical pages).
  • Looks like I lost the Jetpack stats for the main site. A real disappointment, since it contained visit statistics for almost 10 years.
  • Thinking about putting the leaderboard scores on its own subdomain (such as, but want to avoid having to update URLs compiled into game projects.
  • Removed many of the old game wiki pages with little information. Current plan is to use the workshop (wiki) for development documentation for new projects, then have the "official" pages on the main site. That should keep a clear separation between development and release information for projects.
  • Fewer games created this year due to burnout. Want to spend the time I do have on making existing games better and create fewer throwaway projects.

December 2022

Christmas Tree Simulator

October 2022

Old Timer Peg Game

September 2022

  • Weather Lab - Changed name of Turn Back the Clocks to Weather Lab. Added selectable weather stations on a map of the United States. When a station is selected the temperature, wind direction, and wind speed are shown on models of thermometers, wind vane, and anemometer. Additional clocks added. Weather and time zone data pulled from web APIs. Outdoor lighting changes with time and location selected.

Weather Lab

August 2022

Turn Back the Clocks

July 2022

  • Polyglot Pelican - Changed title theme. Fixed issue with enemy spawning after level complete.
  • Shark Food - Fixed leaderboard submit/display. Updated menus. Fixed models/animations to use latest Blender/Unity.

Shark Food

June 2022

  • Polyglot Pelican - Cleaned up menus
  • Amish Brothers - Updated to Unity version 2021.3. Improved text and menus. I developed the original version of Amish Brothers in Unity 4.5 for a 48 hour game jam over nine years ago! Added hat throwing mechanic. Updated title and level complete screens.
  • Eins - Posted online playable version to website and uploaded downloadable builds for PC/Mac/Linux to GameJolt and Itch. There are other things I wanted to add to the game, but I don't think I will get around to it anytime soon so I decided to go ahead and post the game.

Polyglot Pelican Amish Brothers Eins

May 2022

  • Lumi Pegs - a light color peg toy simulation. Thinking about how to gamify this (make the pictures in a certain amount of time)

Lumi Pegs

April 2022

March 2022

  • Eins - Added music
  • Eins - Updated graphics

February 2022

  • Eins - Updated card graphics. Added additional card types. Improved card movements.
  • Eins - Working on finishing the rest of the functionality of this game to get it to a releasable state. Implemented all number cards, skip cards, and reverse cards. Added highlight feature to show which cards in the player's hand can be played.

Eins - In development Eins - In development Eins - In development

January 2022

  • VR Putt - Three holes completed. First hole is an L shape. Second hole is the windmill. Third hole is the circular ramp.
  • Nomis - Added leaderboards for Nomis. Uploaded new web build and posted new desktop build to and GameJolt.
  • Resolved access management issue with leaderboard management for game
  • VR Putt - Got club and ball collisions working properly. The trick is to add a rigidbody to the club and freeze all constraints (position on three axes and rotation on three axes). If the club does not have a rigidbody, collision events with the ball will frequently miss. When the club collides with the ball, disable the collider on the club (until the next turn or reset). Otherwise, the club may collide with the ball multiple times, which will feel janky. Manually apply physics to the ball using AddForce and the normal from the collision between the club and ball. This makes the hit feel clean but somewhat "arcadey", since there is only one impact point and unrealistic amount of force. However, it prevents the user from having to swing like a real golf club since only touching the ball with the club is required. I'm thinking the amount of force the player wants to use can be calculated by how far the grip button is pressed in (if that value is easily accessible). The physics from the club is essentially eliminated, which was terrible anyway because moving the club with the VR controller doesn't make it act like a "normal" Unity physics object. Also added HUD display showing number of strokes (recorded by the GameManager) and debug information. Tried using two cameras (with the HUD camera set to not clear) so that the HUD text is always on top, but it didn't appear to work. Added two physics materials, one for the ball and one for the ground with friction settings reduce from 0.8 to 0.1.
  • VR Putt - Worked on VR Putt minigolf game using Oculus Quest. Got new VR project created in Unity using new VR template. Learned how to get an event when a VR controller button is pressed to reset the ball. Created club out of two Unity cubes and a ball with Unity sphere. Parented club to VR controller to make club move with right controller. Collision between club and ball works, but does not give expected velocity to ball when hit. This may not be an easily solved issue, so may just detect the collision and add velocity manually so that the club does not have to be swung quickly.
  • Mutant Veggie Arena - Updated Mutant Veggie Arena to the latest version of Unity (2020.3.23f1) and Playmaker (1.9.4f2). Web build now works again (collision issues resolved).

Nomis - Leaderboard added VR Putt - New club model and HUD VR Putt - Initial VR integration


  • Unity Build Tool - Update and build multiple Unity projects at once. Upload to game hosting sites and more.
  • Timelapse Maker - Make timelapse video from video clips
  • GitHub Repo Clone - Clones all of a GitHub user's public and private repos, including accounts that have 100+ repos.


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