Christmas Tree Simulator

Experience all of the joy and excitement of the Christmas season with Christmas Tree Simulator, which eliminates the hassle of a real tree! Experience the winter wonderland without getting frostbite!

Snowflakes are good! Click on many of them! Snowflakes contain special Christmas magic! The more snowflakes you collect, the more decorations you will be able to put on your Christmas tree. Christmas tree decorations make you happy and bring joy to the world! The classic Christmas music will make you want to dance the Christmas Dance while drinking egg nog.

Below are the goodies that you can place on your tree by exchanging magic snowflakes!

2 snowflakes = Ornament, round and shiny!
5 snowflakes = Candy cane, sweet and will give your teeth cavities!
8 snowflakes = Presents, make children happy!
10 snowflakes = Star, twinkling and bright!
12 snowflakes = Snowman, a frosty friend!





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