Circuitus Infinitus

The objective of Circuitus Infinitus is to build a track so that the balls complete the required number of loops. Place a ball generator on the board, which will spawn three balls. Connect the bridge and turn pieces to form a loop. Use the zip pieces to give the balls a boost. Pieces can be rotated in four directions.

The game has three total levels. More pieces are allowed for each level. Each level can be completed by creating a basic loop, but the real challenge is to make a complex circuit with lots of turns.

– Balls loose a lot of momentum when going into a turn, so try using a zip after a turn
– Piece placement can be rotated by right clicking
– The camera can be moved around with the arrow keys (or a,s,d,w keys)
– Press the “Spawn Balls” button to generate the balls. This can be done any number of times, however the existing balls will be removed and loop count set back to zero.