Yen Master

Vanquish the demons to become the one true Yen Master! Collect yen to buy powerups, but be careful because the game is over once your yen goes down to zero. Enemy demons and their projectiles will drain your yen.


  • Move Speed (cost 25 yen) – Makes the Yen Master move more quickly. Can upgrade three times.
  • Fire Rate (cost 50 yen) – Increases the frequency that the Yen Master can shoot fireballs. Can upgrade three times.
  • Orb (cost 100 yen) – Summon an orb by your side to shoot additional fireballs (maximum 2). Beware, if an orb is hit by an enemy or projectile it is destroyed (no refunds!)
  • Coin Magnet (cost 75 yen) – Coins are pulled toward the Yen Master. Can upgrade three times, and higher levels increases the magnet range.


  • Peon Demon (gray) – Moves horizontally, and drops 1 yen
  • Circle Demon (blue) – Moves in a circular pattern, and drops 5 yen
  • Fire Demon (yellow) – Move vertically and shoot projectiles at the Yen Master
  • Boss Demon (purple) – Largest demon that shoots projectiles from his eyes. Takes multiple shots to defeat. Drops 100 yen