Dream World


Adventure through the connected dream worlds to find the clarity of your true reality.   Dream World was my submission for Ludum Dare #30.

Arrow Keys to move
Spacebar to Jump

Tools used:
Engine – Stencyl 3.1.0 (used standard behaviors such as “Jump and Run Movement”)
Audio – Audacity 2.0.3, Bfxr 1.3.3, Garage Band (Mac)
Graphics – Taron’s Verve Painter 0.99u.12, Gimp 2.8, Inkscape 0.48, Spriter b10

Dream World Day One Announcement

For the Connected Worlds theme, I decided to create a game that explores the connection between the real world and the dream world. You play as a stuffed bear who must collect Z’s and avoid the nightmare rabbits. Little Nemo was one of my favorite games for the NES, so I am drawing a lot of inspiration from that game.




Play on Newgrounds
Play on StencylForge




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