Agents vs Aliens

Agents vs Aliens is a MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena) style arena game, where you control either the agents or aliens to conquer the battlefield.



Game Design


Champion – A player controlled character.  The champion is moved around the map by clicking on the terrain.  The champion is spawned at the home base.

  • Health – When the champion’s health reaches zero, the champion dies and returns to the home base.
  • Max Health – The maximum amount of health the champion can have
  • Attack – How much damage the champion does to enemy units.
  • Ability Power – Strength of special abilities
  • Team – The team the champion is associated
  • PlayerControlled – Is this champion player controlled or AI controlled?
  • Abilities – Special actions that are activated by the player, which are mapped to the ‘D’ and ‘F’ keys.
    • Heal – Restores some health
    • Recall – Returns the champion to the home base

LevelManager – Handles the setup for the battle and transition to the end state

  • Spawns a core for each team
  • Spawns champions at the beginning of the battle

Tower – Attacks enemy forces

Minion – AI controlled teammates that move along one of the three paths.  Minions will attack towers and cores when they are near.