Easter Egg Hunt – End game state conditions added, updated animations

In the latest update to Easter Egg Hunt, I added checks to see if all of the eggs are collected and if time has expired.  Then the player or players who have the most eggs are declared the winners.

Two animations were added for the rabbits for standing and walking, and animation transitions were applied based on the rabbit’s speed.  The camera zooms in on one of the winning players.

The game area was also changed to a circular shape, and the formula to distribute eggs on the game area was updated to use a random radius and angle.  Invisible walls were added to prevent the player from dropping off the gameplay area.

Fonts were updated for the text displaying the score, timer, and winner text.

Kitty’s Adventure Passes 32,000 Acquisitions on XBox One

According to the Windows developer dashboard, the XBox One release of Kitty’s Adventure has passed over 32,000 acquisitions.  This makes Kitty’s Adventure by far the most popular release from Levi D. Smith Games.  The game was released in August 2017, and it was one of the first Unity games released on the XBox One Creators Collection.  Kitty’s Adventure currently has a 4.3 out of 5 rating as of February 2018, making it the best rated Creators Collection game according to the store screen on XBox One.  It is currently #7 on the store’s list of top free games.



Kitty’s Adventure is also available for PC on the Windows Store and Itch.io.  The game is free on all platforms.