Brainstorming of Legend of Tux

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  • "Mega Man" style level select screen - Maybe make the first ice stage mandatory, with a cutscene following, then the user can select the stage they wish to play.
  • Story: Evil villain casts a virus on the various creatures which turned them evil. Tux must defeat each of the creatures and remove their virus.
  • After a boss is defeated, Tux will acquire a special weapon related to the defeated boss
  • Question: Should certain special weapons be required to complete stages? Should certain special weapons grant access to hidden areas?
  • Question: Should levels be replayable? To pick up missed items on the first playthrough.
  • Question: Should the player be able to extend their maximum life? This may give an unfair advantage in later stages. Maybe have health boosts within the level to extend your life, but they would disappear after the level is over (like SMB2)
  • Puzzles that make the user solve computer science style problems, such as binary arithmetic
  • Instead of having the 3 orb bouns give you 3x power against enemies of that color, have the 3 orb bonus apply a special effect to your weapon. For instance, 3 red orbs will make your sword have flames, which will set enemies on fire when you hit them, which causes additional periodic damamge. Having 3 blue orbs would give your weapon the chill effect that will frezze enemies when you hit them. Three yellow orbs could give you shields or something.
  • Add a total orb count... Decision:
    • Make orbs like money to buy items
    • Make orbs add energy/magic, which will allow you to perform special attacks
  • Instead of having a visible orb FIFO pipe displayed at the top of the screen, have a picture of your sword that glows with the currently collected orb... the glow becomes brighter until 3 orbs of the same color are collected and you get the bonus
  • Thinking about removing orbs all together... instead have your sword charged with the color with the last enemy killed. Having the sword charged with that color will make hits on all other enemies of that color 1 hit kills
  • Thinking about keeping the orb powerup, but just make one orb needed to get the 3x attack bonus
  • Getting rid of anything that could be considered a reference to a specific Linux distribution... Enemies like red hats could cause trademark issues down the road
  • Thinking about not giving specific names to bosses... let the player come up with names for them... or take suggestions to name them or something
  • Need to make items fade away and disappear after a period of time, to prevent the player from backtracking to previous rooms to get powerups
  • Add clear time for each level, which is a statistic that will display after compelting a level