Adding Music to Legend of Tux

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This is the process I used for adding music to the Legend of Tux.

Converting to OGG Format

First, find a public domain music file in either mp3 or wav format. Public domain music ensure that there will be no copyright issues. In the future, I may try to compose my own music for the game, but I would rather focus my effort on gameplay right now.

Download, install, and run Audacity.

File => Open

Select the mp3 or wav file

Lotux music002.jpg

I like to make the level music about 3 minutes. Select the position around 3:00. You can enlarge the view with the magnifying glass button.

Press Play (the green triangle). When there is a pause in the music, press the pause button (double black bars).

Click where the music is paused, the press Stop (yellow square)

Then select Edit => Select => Cursor to End, then press Delete

File => Export as Ogg Vorbis

Navigate to the music directory, and save as levelX.ogg (where X is the level number)

Public Domain Music and Sound Effects

Creative Commons Music and Sound Effects



File Source URL Author License

1234 Rockit

Partners in Rhyme


Partners in Rhyme

A Hoot

Partners in Rhyme

Speed Kills 2

Partners in Rhyme
level5.ogg Antonio Vivaldi / US Air Force Band Public Domain


Island Fever

Partners in Rhyme

Arabian Salsa 1

Partners in Rhyme

Scattered 1

Partners in Rhyme
levelselect.ogg Johannes Brahms / US Army Band Public Domain

title.ogg Franz Liszt / National Military Band Public Domain


Lets Go 1

Partners in Rhyme

Sound Effects

File Source URL Author License
sword.wav morgantj
orb_pickup.wav HardPCM
enemy_die.wav Erdie
player_hit.wav HardPCM
player_die.wav HardPCM
menu_select.wav HardPCM
bomb.wav HardPCM
sword_charge.wav HardPCM
level_select.wav HardPCM