Oiram Overview

Oiram features classic platforming action, backwards!  Record your gameplay, and then play it in reverse for a special surprise!  This game was created for MiniLD #57 and the theme was “Reversed”.

In this game, everything is backwards.  The ending screen is shown at the start of the game.  You walk backwards towards the beginning of the level.  The background music is played in reverse.  The sound effects are reversed.  Avoid or stomp on the enemies, or else you will have to start over at the end of the level.  If you make it all the way to the beginning of the level, then you will reach the title screen.

The player and enemy models were created in Sculptris and then exported into FBX format.  Using those meshes, the armatures were created in Blender along with the run and jump animations.  All of the level design was created with the Tiled editor tool.  I used a script in a package called UnityHelper that I had developed which can read in XML files that are stored as TextAssets in the Unity project.  The script takes prefabs as parameters, and it will instantiate those objects in the game world according to the layout defined in the XML file that is generated by Tiled.  The classic theme was recreated in GarageBand using the sheet music style editor.  Then the song was imported in to Audacity where I applied the reverse effect.  Audacity was also used to reverse the hopping sound effects as well.


Oiram Videos

Oiram Playthrough

Oiram Development Time-Lapse



Review by Jupiter Hadley