Influences of Legend of Tux

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Page describing the games that influenced the design of Legend of Tux.

Legend of Zelda

Obviously the original Legend of Zelda had an influence on the design of the game.

  • Overhead view
  • Sword
  • Scrolling from one room to the next
  • Special weapons
    • Boomerang

Mega Man

  • Charging to shoot projectile
  • Linear game play
  • Giving the player the ability to select one of eight levels to play from the beginning
  • Press the Left or Right bumper button to change special weapon

Chrono Cross

  • Acquiring a special color bonus gives the player an attack bonus of enemies of that color


  • Charge Meter

Secret of Mana

  • Charging weapon
  • Overhead view

Adventures of Lolo

  • Clear one room to move to the next


  • Projectile motion for the three charge levels

Ninja Gaiden

  • Item pickup scheme