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Functional Requirements

- Rooms must be 32 tiles by 24 tiles in size

- Tiles must be 32x32 pixels in size

- The character the player controls must be a penguin

- All enemies must be defeated to move to the next room

- There must be three different colored enemies

- Hitting an enemy three times with the sword will kill it

- The orb must be the same color as the enemy killed

- An enemy must drop an orb 50% of time time

- Collecting an orb must push it onto a FIFO orb stack

- The player starts with 6 health, represented by 3 containers that deplete in halves

- Getting hit by an enemy removes one health (half a container)

- Holding the attack button for 2 seconds and releasing will shoot your weapon

- Once the player is hit, the player will be invincible for 60 seconds

- Once an enemy is hit, the enemy will be pushed back a set distance, so that the enemy can not be attacked unless the player moves towards it

- The player's bounding box is 32 pixels wide by 64 pixels high

-- The player's collision box with enemies is 32 x 64 pixels

-- The player's collision box with blocks is 32 x32 pixels, offset 0 x 32 pixels (the player's head with overlap with blocks, but the feet won't)

Non-Functional Requirements

- Use SDL as the development environment

- Use 1024 x 768 screen resolution

- Use cygwin and gcc for compiling code

- Use Blender for generating 3D models to make sprites

- Use OGG format for background music

- Use Audacity for converting music files to OGG