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Giga Guy is a 2.5D platformer. The game was originally developed as a test project in 2013. A new platforming version was released in 2014. A new version focused on boss fights was developed in 2015 for the Mini Ludum Dare 62 which had the theme The Final Boss.[1]


Giga Guy gameplay

The player can choose one of six robot bosses to battle from a menu screen. The objective is to defeat all of the robot bosses by jumping and shooting. The player and enemy health is displayed as a numerical value above their heads.

Robot Bosses

Air Guy

Shoots air particles and blows the player backwards

Metal Guy

Jumps in the air at varying heights and throws projectiles at Giga Guy.

Wood Guy

Has a rotating projectile shield. Shoots projectiles upwards which fall to the ground.

Flash Guy

Periodically freezes the room and shoots projectiles at Giga Guy.

Quick Guy

Jumps in the air and shoots three boomerang projectiles at Giga Guy.

Crash Guy

Charges towards Giga Guy and jumps in the air.


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