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Version 0.4 Patch Notes (Stable Release)

  • New Rendered sprites for Tux and snowmen (Thanks Blender!)
  • Background music now working
    • Title screen: Brahms Hungarian Dance No 2
    • Level select: Brahms Hungarian Dance No 5
    • Level 0: Vivaldi Four Seasons Winter
  • Boomerang mechanics now added
    • When boomerang hits an enemy, the enemy is stunned for 5 seconds and the boomerang immediately begins to return
    • Doesn't bring back items (like orbs) yet
    • Added code to dynamically calculate the return slope, so that the boomerang returns with a smooth curve if the player is moving while the boomerang returns
  • Added level select screen
    • Level select spheres created with Blender, and mapping the level's background image onto the sphere; Used Gimp for the lettering; Two images were generated for each sphere (regular and highlighted); The highlighted sphere just simply has a an extra lamp added in Blender; Used Gimp to select the green background color, expand the selection by one pixel, set the selection to transparent, resize to 200x200, then set the transparent color to magenta (which is the transparent color set in the code)
    • Added grayed out orbs for completed levels
    • Prevents user from selecting levels already completed
  • Title screen updated with new 3D render using Blender
  • Title menu updated, with the menu items (Start, Quit) selectable with the up and down arrow keys (or w and s keys), and choosable with the spacebar or enter keys. This will make adding new menu items (such as continue, load game, credits, etc) much easier.
  • Removed the power orb FIFO pipe. Now you only need one orb to get the 3x attack bonus. Now only one orb displayed at the top of the screen.
  • Added calculations to make collision blocks rounded if it is surrounded by two non-collision blocks
  • The charge lines will now only display after charging for 10 frames