Namco Releases Character Histories

  Here is the offical Soul Calibur storyline released by Namco. Individual character stories are also availble at the bottom of this page.

  The story begins with Captain Cervantes, one of the most dreadful pirates of the era. After he acquired the evil twin swords "Soul Edge", Cervantes and his mighty ship the "Adrian" struck fear into the Atlantic Ocean. Once fully possessed by the demon swords, he slew his entire crew and the residence of his port base in Spain. After the bloodshed, Cervantes rested himself at the remains of what was once known as the "Black Tail Inn". Temporarily satisfied with its twisted desire to consume souls, the evil swords rested and prepared to create the "Child of the Evil Swords"...
  During the next twenty years, the rumors of the evil swords spread throughout the world. Some believed it was the sword of salvation, while others called it the ultimate weapon. Some, selected by destiny and history, sought Soul Edge for personal reasons. Fortunately, few reached Soul Edge; those that did cursed their fate as the evil swords devoured their souls.
   However there was one who fought the cursed fate... Sophitia, the sacred fighter of Hephaestus the God of Blacksmiths. During the grueling battle with Cervantes, she succeeded in destroying one of the twin swords. But in doing so, she was wounded as the pieces of the shattered sword rained upon her body. Cervantes, with wrath as if a part of him had been destroyed, was about to end her life when Taki the "Underground Hunter" challenged him.
  Due to his loss of control from the destruction of one of the blades, the intense battle between Taki and Cervantes ended with the victory of the "Underground Hunter". She completed her mission by gathering a piece of the destroyed Soul Edge and left with the injured Sophitia.
  Siegfried, the "Innocent Darkside," visited the port town seeking the sword of legend for his vengeance, only to find the corpse of a pirate captain. Attracted by a sword clutched in the dead pirate’s hand, Siegfried walked toward it take possession of the blade, but suddenly the corpse rose up enveloped in hell fire. It seemed as if an evil spirit had materialized on earth consuming Cervantes' body.
  With a flash, mortal combat began. The Zweihander "Faust", roared in the hands of the boy, who seemed too little to bear such a heavy blade, and slashed through the air controlled by the madness in the youth's eyes. When the battle ended, all that remained was the burnt corpse and the boy grasping the now broken Zweihander. His green eyes reflected the Soul Edge bathed in hell fire...
  The youth’s warped spirit extended a hand to Soul Edge, as if being guided by the evil spirit which longed for a new host to maintain its power and control...
  That night, some people at the Spanish seashore saw a mysterious but beautiful scene of a white column of light piercing the clouds and spreading through the sky. How could they have known, it was the birth of the Evil Seed, which would cause disasters throughout the world?
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