Namco Launches SoulCalibur.Com

  The wizards at Namco have done it again. After bringing us the massive Tekken On-Line last year, they follow up this year by debuting SoulCalibur.Com. This site contains almost everything you would want to know on Soul Calibur, such as moves, character stories and stats, and never before seen artwork. At this time, Namco has twelve stage artworks and twelve stage MP3 files for your viewing and listening enjoyment. The most popular section of the page by far has to be the Forum. Soul Calibur fans from around the world can go there and share their expierences, moves, combos, and thoughts about the game.

  The most ingenious part of the site is the Password section called the "Room of Shadows". Supposedly if you play Soul Calibur long enough the machine will give you a special password. You will then be able to take this password home and use it on the password page. As soon as the passwords begin to leak onto the Internet you can be sure that I will post them on this site.

  Namco *claims* that they will keep SoulCalibur.Com updated constantly to coincide with the time release in the arcade. I will have to see this to believe it. If Tekken On-Line (which was only updated twice last year) is any indication, then only expect a few occasional updates.

  Article by Levi D. Smith
  Sept 6, 1998

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