September 11, 1998

Rumor Mill: Lizards and Samurais
Read the latest dirt inside.

News: Password Hints
A few hints that have been floating around

News: Combo FAQ -- Day 1
We need your combos!!

September 10, 1998

News: New Character - Inferno
Find out about what Namco didn't want you to know...

News: SCFAQ.TXT Released
Find out where to get the latest FAQs.

News: Namco Releases Character Histories
Namco has just recently revealed the background stories for twelve of the warriors in Soul Calibur. Click the header to learn more.

News: Namco launches SoulCalibur.Com
Namco accompainies it's impressive title with an impressive website. Complete review inside.

Poll: Inaugural Poll
Are you paying too much to play Soul Calibur??

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