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Tekken 3 Music CD

The Tekken 3 music CD is out in Japan. Go to your nearest game import store and have it ordered.

Here are the Track descriptions:

Track 01 - Attract Movie
Track 02 - Attract "EMBU"
Track 03 - Character Select
Track 04 - Paul Phoenix
Track 05 - Forest Law
Track 06 - Lei Wulong
Track 07 - King
Track 08 - Yoshimitsu
Track 09 - Nina Williams
Track 10 - Hwoarang
Track 11 - Ling Xiaoyu
Track 12 - Eddy Gordo
Track 13 - Jin Kazama
Track 14 - for Hidden Characters
Track 15 - Heihachi Mishima
Track 16 - Ogre
Track 17 - Continue?
Track 18 - Game Over
Track 19 - Staff Roll

Import from your local videogame or software store.

Website: ???
MSRP Price: $34.99
Order Line: ???

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Nogard's Tekken 3 Shrine
Tekken 3 Battle TRAX

Remixed versions of all of your favorite Tekken 3 tracks. Go to your nearest game import store and have it ordered.

Here are the Track descriptions:

Track 01 - Jin Kazama
Track 02 - Lei Wulong
Track 03 - King
Track 04 - Paul Phoenix
Track 05 - Eddy Gordo
Track 06 - Hwoarang
Track 07 - Forest Law
Track 08 - Nina Williams
Track 09 - Yoshimitsu
Track 10 - Ling Xiaoyu
Track 11 - Heihachi Mishima
Track 12 - For Hidden Characters
Track 13 - Ogre


New Namco Arcade Joystick

Finally an all metal, true arcade feel joystick has at last been produced. Manufactured by Hori and designed exclusively for Tekken 3.

Website: Gamecave
MSRP Price: $59.95
Order Line:

Original Namco Arcade Joystick

What's the best way to win a fight?? USE A STICK.
Our stick. The exclusive Namco Joystick. Honed, sharpened and arcade tempered to be a lethal weapon forthe PlayStation fighting games. With exacting arcade ergonomics, tactile response and control to bring home the genuine arcade fighting experience. You want to win??
Better wield the Stick.
  • Namco's Exclusive Arcade Design. Compatible with all PlayStation titles. Perfect for Namco fighting games (Tekken, Tekken 2, Soul Blade) as well as other fighters. Also a superb stick for shooters.
  • 6-Button Advanced Arcade-Style Control. Each button corresponds to circle, X, triangle, square, R1, R2 button of the PlayStation control pad.
  • 4 Additional Buttons which correspond to the START, SELECT, L1, L2 buttons of the PlayStation controller.

Website: http://www.namco.com
Price: $19.96 (depends on the store)
Order Line: ???


Game Champion from EB

EB exclusive PSX cheat cartridge for Tekken 3

Now available from Electronics Boutique ONLY is the Game Champion for the PSX.
The Game Champion is the perfect accessory for those that are planning on buying Tekken 3.

The Game Champion will allow you to do the following:
-Enable theater mode - This save opens up the theater mode and allows all of the movies that are contained within Tekken 3 to be played. It also allows you to paly all the movies and sounds from Tekken 1 and 2
-Enable all characters - Enable all characters in Arcade mode.
-Tekken Ball Mode - Enable Tekken Ball Mode
-Tekken ball mode on all characters - Enables ball mode on all characters.
-Enable fighter tiger - Enable Tiger by selecting Eddy with start button.
-All characters from original Tekken - You will need the original Tekken game to use this cheat.
-All characters for classic Tekken 2 - You need the original Tekken 2 game to use this cheat.

Available in stores and online..

From: Electronics Botique

Thanks to Kurupt for posting this on the CCTD MessageBoard:

About the EB gizmo......I have been told that it does allow you to take Tekken 2 players and play them on 3....but the thing is.....you can only play against other Tekken 2 players.....so there is no difference between playing Tekken 2 through the Game Champion, or playing Tekken 2 itself! Although I am only using what I have heard from people working at EB itself.....perhaps they don't know what they are talking about either.....:)

From Gamecave:
Tekken 3 and Dual Shock Special Pack

A Limited pack containing the king of all fighting games, Tekken 3 plus one of the new Dual Shock Playstation Controllers.

Website: Gamecave
MSRP Price: $58.95
Order Line:


Tekken for the Playstation

Now at the Power Price

Tekken 2 for the Playstation

Tekken 3 for the Playstation

The long awaited Tekken 3 Strategy Guide Review is finally up. I would suggest that anyone who is thinking about buying a Tekken 3 strategy guide read the reviews.

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Tekken Keychains

Find them at your local software store.