March 3, 1998

The MESSAGE BOARD is back up. Check it out.

The GUESTBOOK is back up. Please sign it, or kill some time by reading other visitor's entries.

Hopefully, I'll also have voting back up soon February 12, 1998
WHOOPS... I didn't not realize that I never loaded the lp, rp, lk, and rk buttons to the new server... anyone that has tried to go to the moveslists pages probably just found garbage... but how many people actually go there anyway?? In any case, I'll try to get them back up tomorrow.

February 4, 1998
I have some Tekken anime pics now, but I haven't had the time to post them yet. Hopefully I'll have them up by the weekend.

I added a countdown till TK3 comes out for the Playstation. It might be a little off. I believe that the release date is set for April 26, 1998.

I have a load of ariticles and news that I need to post. Hopefully I'll be able to get them up soon. January 24
I found that I had to lower my space to 5 megs by Friday, so I had to take the Nina and Paul clips down for a couple of days. They are back up now, but they are linked, because they are on the Prodigy server.

January 22
After being down for four months, my full page is finally back, with a fresh, new look. I'll try to make a new logo when I get the time.

Also, Paul, Nina, Yoshi, Lei, Law, Kuma, Anna, Baek, King, Armor King, Jack, Protoype Jack, and Bruce clips are up. I'll try to get the rest up ASAP. October 2
Changed a lot of stuff around so the site would be more compatable with Netscape. I just realized that Netscape Browsers aren't getting the background music either. The frames were also messed up with Netscape which is now fixed.

September 25
-Updated the news
-I am supposed to be getting a new MESSAGE BASE soon, that will have a few more features such as message quoting.
-New Toshin Graveyard picture in the art gallery
-Moved a lot of other stuff around (Tekken Web Ring can now be found in the LINKS section... Ad Pictures can now be found in the ART GALLERY)

September 20
-Updated the non-frames page

September 19
-SNEAK PREVIEW of the new moveslists. Click here to view it.

September 18
-The INDEX server looks like it's going to be down for awhile, so I had to move the whole site over to geocities ( Change your bookmarks if you need to.
-Made a TEKKEN ARTICLES section.
-I am re-working the moveslists again. The ones that I have done now look pretty good, but I am going to wait till I have them all finished to post them.
-This site will probably be updated a lot less in the next weeks because I'm starting college. I'll probably update more when it comes out for the Playstation. I also be working on Command.Com's SoulBlade/SoulEdge 2 BattleGround.
-Updated TEKKEN PRODUCTS section

September 13
-The site is finally back up!!
-Added TEKKEN MIDIs section. There are five themes that you can download.

September 6
-Made the TEKKEN TOP TEN LIST section. Only one list is in there now. Tekken 3 newbies, please check this one out. It will answer a lot of questions.
-Looking for a good place to share your Tekken information?? Well then post it to my MESSAGE BASE. Or talk to other Tekken players live in the CHAT ROOM.
-Made a STUPID STUFF section for all of the stupid stuff that I post on the site.

September 1-2
-Made a banner for this site. Use it if you want to link to the site.

-Added a new message base. I like this one a lot better than the red/white one that I had before. It also has many more options (for the webmaster) than my old one did.
-I have been testing chat rooms all night. There are more Tekken players demanding them than I thought. It will probably be Java since the CGI chats are so slow. I will probably have it up in the next few days.
-Reworked the Characters section the other day, putting two characters on a row making the scroll length a lot less.

August 30, 1997
-Added TEKKEN PRODUCTS section... only one book is in there now, but more will be added later.

August 18, 1997
-Moved all of the 3RD row sketches to the Art Gallery
-Put all of the animations in the Art Gallery
-Added Kunimitsu and Law to the Art Gallery

August 12, 1997
-Added a new message base
-Added Toshin I and Toshin II moves
-Fixed Voting Area

August 8, 1997
-Added new BGSOUND... e-mail me if you find it too annoying, or e-mail me if you like it... I need to know whether I should keep it or not.
-Added Picture randomizer... non-Java viewers will only see the original Hwoarang animation... I'll try to change it periodically too.

August 4, 1997
-Added Armor King to rumored sketches section... check it out
-Added Art Gallery with some of my sketches of Jin, Paul, and King
-Added a Guestbook solely for this Tekken Page
-Added Heihachi Story, Stats, and Moves
-Added Mokujin FAQ

July 30, 1997

July 28, 1997
-Added new links collage page
-Worked on the message base
-Added sketches of rumored characters

July 23, 1997
-Added a few sounds to the pages... hopefully I will be getting better quality sounds soon.
-I am linking all of the root moves to the combos they link to in the "Moves List" pages. Just click on the name to link to the combo it leads to. Only Paul's and Nina's pages are done now.
-Heihachi and Ogre moves coming soon.
-Redoing Mokujin's section with the help of ~The Hoang Le ('s FAQ

-Added many more moves

-Printable pages should be up in a few weeks (for B/W printers)
-Votes counted

-Added time-release pictures (this took a lot longer to do than it looks)
-Added time-release character stats (stories coming soon... when I have the time)
-Counted Votes
-I looked around the web, and I believe this is the only LYNX friendly Tekken 3 site which doesn't require JAVA or FRAMES. I could buff it up, but I would also alienate some of my visitors... decisions, decisions...

-Added/Formatted more moves and combos (Yoshi, Lei)

-Added new Characters to this page
-All rumored characters are shaded
-Confirmed Characters are in a bright white font
-Formatted more move and combo pages
-Added secret sections

-Gave *my* site a new look
-Formatted more moves
-Counted votes

-Counted votes
-Added a news section
-Went to table format for links
-Made a new look for character vote results

-Added to message base
-Little over a week till graduation then I'll get to spend some serious time on this page
-Redone Eddy Gordo's story page with the help of Richard Mathis
-Fixed many of my links (dead ones are in Red Brackets and active ones are in white brackets)

-Paul's, Yoshi's, Xiaoyu's, Eddy's, and Jin's moves lists have been re-done (more moves coming)
-Votes have been counted

-Opened Command.Com's Tekken 3 Page

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