Lockheed Martin Project Page


The project was introduced to the Real World Lab in an effort to design a flexible and robust information system for the management of mechanical devices.


The project is being sponsored by Lockheed Martin.


Current Semester Information

Status Reports (ongoing)

Meeting Minutes (ongoing)

Email Records (ongoing)

Short-Term Project Plan (10/28)

Long-Term Project Plan (9/14)

Requirements Document (10/6)

Use Cases (9/15)

Design Document (10/6)

Midterm Presentation Outline (10/8)

Updated Status (11/1)

Design and testing use cases (11/13)

DB/DB UI Documentation  (11/13)

Peer Reviews Document (11/17)

Testing Document (12/1)

DB UI (12/1)

End-of-semester Document (12/1)

Final Presentation (12/5)

Historical Information

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Process Improvement Information

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