September 2005:

- Test to see if I could write a graphical MineSweep game in one night (6pm to 10pm)
August 2005:

New Computer Pictures
July 2005:

Classic Video Game Information Warehouse

- Over 700 cartridge images loaded

February 2005:

Knoxville Georgia Tech Club Website

January 2005: Historical Pages

Historical Pages (For a good laugh)

June 2004: Photos
- New pictures of Little Kitty (cat) posted.
May 2004: GITCommand's Swiki

Check out the swiki.
December 2003: Machine Destruction

Attempt a creating a Robot Wars type game using SDL, Blender, Pyton, OpenGL and C

Source files and executable
        Game:         ./md
        Title Screen: ./md -title
        Shop:         ./md -shop
        Build:        ./md -build
January 2004: Shift Calendar

Shift Calendar
December 2003: Cards

Just in time for Christmas Cards
October 2003: Techopoly

Still under development, but feel free to try:

2000 - 2003: Trade Wars Visual - Graphical interface and helper for the Trade Wars BBS game

Development JAR File - Updated July 27, 2003

Full Stable Version - Updated July 21, 2003

Technologies Used: Java (SDK 1.3)
July 2003: KMap Applet
- Java applet to solve Karnaugh Maps
April 2003: Battle Bots
- My first attempt at designing and developing a 3D game using OpenGL

Battle Bots Source Files
Technologies Used: Blender, OpenGL, SDL, C, Python, Gimp
May 2003: Whittling Website

April 2003: Castle Tutorial
- Model that I created using the Blender "Castle" tutorial

Technologies Used: Blender
March 2003:
- First attempt at building a computer from "scratch"

- "ECS Elitegroup Mainboard K7SEM" motherboard with AMD XP 1300 processor (from Knoxville Computer Show)
- Two 128MB PC133 SDRAM chips (From Knoville Computer Show and EMachines computer)
- 8 Gigabyte Bigfoot Hard Drive (from Computer Renissance in Knoxville)
- nVidia GeForce MX 420 64MB graphics card (from Best Buy)
- 3.5" Floppy Drive (from eMachines Computer)
- CD-RW Drive (from eMachines Computer)
- Green Cold Cathode Light (from CompUSA)
- Black Tower Case (from Knoxville Computer show)
Winter 2002: Computer Science History- Reference of Computer Scientists and CS Tools

Technologies Used: Apache, Gimp, Jakarta Tomcat, Java Server Pages, Java, JDBC, mySQL, HTML, CSS
June 2002: Zelda Alpha - Remake of the original Legend of Zelda

Program Files: Zelda Alpha
Windows - Requires ActiveX 8.0 or greater
Linux - Requires install of "Hermes", "zlib", and "ClanLib" found at
Technologies Used: C++, XML, Paint Shop Pro, ClanLib
2002: Video Game Database- Organizes your video game collection
Technologies Used: Java (SDK 1.3), mySQL, JDBC
2001: Spelunker- Attempt to design and develop a game with ESP game development group at Georgia Tech
Spelunker, Last Release
Technologies Used: DJGPP, Allegro
199X: Mystic Sword - Start of a remake of my first Q-Basic game

Mystic Sword Remake, Last Release
199X: Old Q-Basic Programs - Some of the first programs I ever wrote, back in the early 1990's. Should include Mystic Sword, Slots, and some other programs. Need a Q-Basic interpreter (qbasic.exe) to run these programs.

Q-Basic Programs, Last Release
199X: The Band Game - Create a marching band

The Band Game, Last Release
QuizMaster - Allows the user to create a bank of questions, and quiz themselves. May need Java Runtime (java.exe) to run program.

QuizMaster, Last Release
Technologies Used: Java

Sol - Solitaire game I wrote in Java. Needs Java Runtime to execute. For some reason, the graphics (suit images) no longer displayed when I recently tried it, so some modification may be needed to be made to the source code (or find an old Java 1.1.7b runtime).

Sol, Last Release
Technologies Used: Java

199X: Conway's Game of Life - Implementation of Conway's Game of Life

Conway's Game of Life, Last Release
199X: Lawnmower Game - Mow the lawn before time runs out

Lawnmower Game, Last Release
199X: Tetris - Simple Tetris implementation using Allegro

Tetris, Last Release
199X: Triple Triad - Java implementation of card game from Final Fantasy VIII

I'll have to do some work to get this to compile again.
2000: Election 2000
College Projects:
Fall 2001: PDA Restaurant Finder- Human / Computer Interaction Project

Technologies Used: C, CodeWarrior Palm Development
Spring 2002: PDA Baseball Team Manager- Software Applications Project
Technologies Used: C, Palm PRC Tools
Fall 2001: Software Estimator- Software Processes Project

Technologies Used: Java (SDK 1.3)
Fall 2000: Lockheed-Martin- Real World Lab Project

Technologies Used: JSP, Java, Microsoft SQL Server, HTML, CSS
December 1998: Mind Trial- Software Engineering Project

Mindtrial Program Files

Technologies Used: Java (JDK 1.1.7)
May 2002: Encryption Project - Information Security Project

Technologies Used: Java (JDK 1.1.8)
Fall 2001: Predator- Database System Project

Technologies Used: Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0, Microsoft Access 97
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