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These are some sketches that I drew in my spare time

Toshin is killing all of the Tekken websites!!

Jin going for an uppercut

A quick sketch of Paul

Law in attack stance

A sketch of Jin's tatoo

King ready for battle

King ready for battle (color)
Rumored Characters
Stories are not official. They are stories that I made up to go along with the pictures

Kunimitsu is continues her journey to collect the rarest weapons in the world. In the third Iron Fist tournament she sets Yoshimitsu as her target again in order to get his glowing sword. She holds Yoshimitsu's old sword in her right hand, and her old dagger in the left.

Rage Mishima
Rage is Kazuya's long lost twin brother. They had identical tatoos made on their arms when they were children. Rage enters the tournament to find his lost brother, and learn more about his past.
(This one was really hard to do... basically I made him a cross between Kazuya, Heihachi, and Jin)

Lee Chaolin
Lee returns to the third Iron Fist tournament wearing his classic, Tekken 1 tuxedo. The loss of Lee's eyesight in his left eye resulted from Heihachi's eye gouging tactics in the semi-final round of the King of the Iron Fist 2 tournament. Ever since that day, Lee has worn an eye-patch over his left eye. Lee had also begun smoking after being crippled by his adopted fater in the tournament. Lee hasn't given up the habit since. Lee enters the third tournament to seek revenge against his adopted father.

Armor King
Half machine, half beast... Armor King suits up and enters the Third King of the Iron First Tournament to avenge his dear friend King's death. After a serious wrestiling accident, Armor King had to go through surgery and have over 50% of his body replaced by metal.

Kazuya Mishima
After Kazuya's father, Heihachi, dropped him off into a volcano, Kazuya thought that he was falling to his death. Kazuya luckily grabbed onto a rock on the side of the volcano just before he hit the lava. Kazuya quickly climbed out before it exploded. He has been training every day since for the third, and final fight with his father.
After being dropped into the volcano, Kazuya received many burns and scrapes. One of the more obvious ones is the large scrape across the chest, perpendicular to the one that he had received when he was thrown off a cliff when he was a child. Kazuya has also grown a beard and moustache to cover some of the grusome scars on his face. (Kazuya also seems to never want to lose those classic Tekken 1 pants, no matter how bad of condition they're in.)

Jun Kazama
Contrary to what Jin Kazama had thought, his mother, Jun Kazama is alive and well. Toshin (Ogre) was power crazy. He needed more and more souls. One evening Toshin felt the prescene of a very strong soul. Once he had this young man's soul, he would have enough energy to rule the world. But first, Toshin had to come up with a way to lure young Jin to his lair. Toshin then thought of the new Iron Fist tournament, and he knew that Jin would be competeing in it. The evening before the tournament, Toshin meets young Jin at the ruins outside of the arena. There, Toshin makes the illusion of himself murdering Jin's mother, Jun. Toshin then quickly disappears. Jin is filled with anger, and will stop at no cost to defeat the Fight God.
The next morning, Jun hears of Toshin's trickery. Jun knows that Jin is not strong enough yet to battle the Fight God. Jun sets off to enter the tournament to find Jin, and warn him of the powers of Toshin.
Jun now wears a similar outfit, with the Kazama flame on her right leg. It is tradition for all Kazamas to wear the flame as they are going into battle. Jun has also grown her hair longer since the last tournament.

Screenshots that I've animated


Paul Phoenix

Jin Kazama

Tekken 3 Logo

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