Worker Bees


Enemy bugs are attacking  the bee hive.  Spawn worker bees to attack the enemies and protect the hive.  Worker bees will orbit around the hive at a constant distance.  The bee meter in the upper right corner shows the amount of time remaining until another bee can be spawned.  How long will your bee hive last?




Time Labyrinth

Defeat enemies to earn time.  How long can you survive in the Time Labyrinth?

Level order randomized each game.

Three types of enemies with three levels each (green > blue > red). Defeating higher level enemies grants additional bonus time.

  • Pomum – Moves in a straight line and changes direction
  • Saltu – Frequently jumps
  • Gyrus – You must defeat the orbiting particles before this enemy can be damaged

Tools used:

  • GameMaker Studio 2 Desktop 2023.8.1.148 – game engine
  • Aseprite 1.2.40-x64 – sprite graphics
  • GarageBand – music
  • Bfxr 1.5.1 – sound effects
  • Notepad++ – text level data files
  • Filezilla – 3.64.0 – uploading files to web host
  • Git GUI 0.21 – pushing files to repository
  • OBS 29.0.0 – video recording
  • VLC 3.0.18 – extracting screenshots



Air Delivery



Use your plane to deliver the packages to as many houses as possible.  Watch out for the balloons, as they will damage your plane.  Three hits and you are done.  Packages can also be used to clear the balloons.  But be careful, as you have a limited number of packages.  Pick up a package refill to replenish the stock of packages on your plane.

Balloons to avoid

  • Orange – These will fly directly at your plane in a wave motion
  • Rose – These fly in a circle motion
  • Yellow – These are stationary until you plane gets close, then they will chase your plane