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Developer(s) Levi D. Smith
Engine Custom XNA
Platform(s) XBox 360
XBox Live Indie Games
Release date(s) September 3, 2012
Genre(s) Puzzle

The objective of Resistor is to build connections to carry electrical flow to activate LEDs (light emitting diodes). To avoid damaging these components, the flow level must be reduced using resistors. Each level is graded upon number of pieces used, the luminosity of the LEDs, and the time required to complete the level. This game teaches the basics of resistor color code values. The game was submitted as an entry into the 2012 Dream Build Play contest held by Microsoft.


Resistor gameplay

Each level has a power source with an electric flow level. Use wires to connect this power source to all of the LEDs on the level. Be careful to not connect a wire that has a higher electrical flow value than the number displayed on the LED, otherwise the LED will be destroyed and the game will end. To lower the electrical flow, use a resistor to lower the electrical flow of the wire. The target is to use a resistor that will lower the electrical flow just enough to activate the LED. Lowering the electrical flow too much will still activate the LED, but the luminosity grade for the stage will be penalized. After every ten levels, a new higher level resistor will be awarded. The currently selected resistor can be changed using the bumper buttons. Complete the levels as quickly as possible with the fewest number of pieces to get the best grade rankings.



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