Manifest Universe

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Manifest Universe
Developer(s) Levi D. Smith
Engine Unity
Platform(s) Microsoft Windows
Release date(s) July 2016
Genre(s) Puzzle

Manifest Universe is a space exploration game where you colonize planets and trade at ports to earn credits. The game was developed for the Mini Ludum Dare 69 jam which had the theme Colonization.[1]


Manifest Universe gameplay

​Space trading game, with gameplay based on a classic BBS game. Each sector has planets where colonists reside and produce resources. There are three types of resources, which are Elements, Biotics, and Machinery. Land on planets to load colonists and resources on your ship (minus button). Colonists and resources can also be unloaded on a planet (plus button). Land on ports to sell resources for credits and buy resources if you have enough credits. Explore the universe by warping to adjacent sectors.


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