Express Lane

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Express Lane
Developer(s) Levi D. Smith
Engine Unity
Platform(s) Microsoft Windows
Release date(s) June 2016
Genre(s) Simulation

Express Lane is a grocery store simulation. The game was developed for the Mini Ludum Dare 68 jam which had the theme Childhood Memories.[1]


Express Lane gameplay

When I was a kid I worked in a couple of grocery stores, so I decided to do a grocery store simulation. There's really no way to "win" the game, other than trying to maximize the "Sales per Second" statistic.


N - New Lane D - Delete Lane J,K,L,; - Customer Rate Up/Down - Select Lane E - Toggle Express R,T - Change Express Limit

Customer Rules

New customer takes the lane with fewest customers Customer items in cart must be less than or equal to the limit for express lanes The cashier rings up an item in the customers cart after the delay period has expired and puts it into a bag Customer happiness equals 100 - (W) wait time * (P) patience Customer leaves without paying if happiness reaches zero

Bag Rules

Cold items go into separate bags Poisonous items go into separate bags from food items Fragile items go into separate bags No more than five items in a bag (by weight later)


Speed up customer generation using the J and L keys Try to maximize the sales per second value New express lanes set the maximum item limit to zero. Raise it with the T key If there are customers in the Waiting for Lane, then they can not find an open lane based on the number of items in their cart


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