Delivery Kid

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Delivery Kid
Developer(s) Levi D. Smith
Engine Unity
Platform(s) Microsoft Windows
Release date(s) February 2016
Genre(s) Arcade

Delivery Kid is an arcade style game where the objective is to deliver newspaper to subscriber houses. The game was developed for the Mini LD 65 competition where the theme was Youth.[1]


Delivery Kid gameplay

The player's bicycle continuously moves down the road, and the player can speed up, slow down, and turn by pressing the directional buttons. The player throws a newspaper by pressing the action button. The paper can be delivered to either the welcome mat or the mailbox. The player must avoid hitting the obstacles, which will result in losing one life. The objective is to complete deliveries through Sunday. The game is over when the player loses all lives or there are no more subscriber houses.


  • Fence
  • Skateboarder
  • Breakdancer
  • Cars
  • Fire Hydrant


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