Turn Back the Clocks

Turn Back the Clocks

Turn Back the Clocks is a series of games that I have developed for the 0h (Zero Hour) game jam.  The objective of the game jam is to develop a game during the autumn time change, so development starts at 2am and ends at the same time, 2am.  For the last two games, I have improved upon the game after the competition is over.

Turn Back the Clocks 3

This game was a space shooter style game.  The objective is to destroy all of the flying clocks.  This game was developed for 0hgame jam 2016.

Turn Back the Clocks 3

Turn Back the Clocks 2

This was a simple game where you press each of the clocks to set the time from 2 o’clock to 1 o’clock.  The color of the clock changes from red to green as you press them.  The clock reverts back to its original state after a period of time.  This game was developed for 0hgame jam 2014.

Turn Back the Clocks 2

Turn Back the Clocks

This was the original Turn Back the Clocks game for 0hgame jam 2013.  The was no real objective, but you could move around the hands of the clock with the arrow keys.

Turn Back the Clocks

Ichiban Sokoban

Ichiban Sokoban

Ichiban Sokoban is a sokoban game that I developed in Unity.  Use the robot to push the crates into the goal areas.  Try to finish the levels in the lowest possible number of moves.  If you get stuck, you can reset the level and try again.

Ichiban Sokoban

Developer Log

I developed Ichiban Sokoban for the Mini LD #67, which had the Classic Mashmix theme.  One of the suggested games to remix was Sokoban.  I had developed a sokoban game years ago in Java for a college course.

I started developing the game by creating a simple Board class in C#, which basically just held the textual representation of the game (I changed the chars to ints for simplicity).  When the player presses an arrow key, it updates the Board, not the game world.

I created another class that actually handles instantiating all of the object in the game world.  When the Board object is updated, all of the GameObjects in the scene update their positions according to the board.  None of the GameObjects in the world have colliders.

The game can parse levels in the standard sokoban text format.  I’m hoping to write a file importer so that players can load their own levels.

I’ve been developing Ichiban Sokoban on the nights and weekends for about two weeks now.  I’m really happy with what I have developed.  The game seems to be received well on GameJolt, as it has quite a few downloads for a desktop game and some positive votes.

I got the file importer working, which reads out of the default application directory using the Application.dataPath variable, with “/maps” appended.  I had to write some extra code to verify the the file extension ends in “.txt”, otherwise it will try to read the “.meta” files that Unity adds by default.

For a Windows build, the “maps” folder must be placed  in the IchibanSokoban_Data folder.  For a Mac build, the “maps” folder must be placed in the “IchibanSokoban.app/Contents” folder.  On MacOS, you have to right click the folder and select to show contents.  Otherwise, double clicking the IchibanSokoban.app folder will start the game.  It is a hassle since on both platforms, the “maps” folder must be copied every time the package is built, since it deletes any folders that already exist there.  I should create a script that automatically copies the maps files after a build.

I am also in the process of adding a timer and best move and score values.


Links and Downloads

Steam Greenlight

Download on Itch.io

Download on GameJolt

Wiki page

Agents vs Aliens

Agents vs Aliends

Agents vs Aliens is a MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena) style arena game, where you control either the agents or aliens to conquer the battlefield.



Agents vs Aliens on Itch.io

Game Design


Champion – A player controlled character.  The champion is moved around the map by clicking on the terrain.  The champion is spawned at the home base.

  • Health – When the champion’s health reaches zero, the champion dies and returns to the home base.
  • Max Health – The maximum amount of health the champion can have
  • Attack – How much damage the champion does to enemy units.
  • Ability Power – Strength of special abilities
  • Team – The team the champion is associated
  • PlayerControlled – Is this champion player controlled or AI controlled?
  • Abilities – Special actions that are activated by the player, which are mapped to the ‘D’ and ‘F’ keys.
    • Heal – Restores some health
    • Recall – Returns the champion to the home base

LevelManager – Handles the setup for the battle and transition to the end state

  • Spawns a core for each team
  • Spawns champions at the beginning of the battle

Tower – Attacks enemy forces

Minion – AI controlled teammates that move along one of the three paths.  Minions will attack towers and cores when they are near.