Falling Blocks

A falling blocks game that I wrote to demonstrate usage of HTML5 and Canvas to make an interactive game that runs in a web browser.  Use the keyboard left and right keys to move pieces, press the up key to rotate a piece, and press the down key to drop a piece.  Dropping pieces and completing lines increases your score.  After completing every 10 lines the speed of the game increases which makes the game more difficult as the player progresses.

Play on Itch.io

Web browser must support HTML5 and Canvas





Legend of Tux

Legend of Tux

Legend of Tux is a game I developed in C using the SDL libraries.  The game runs on various flavors of Linux and Windows.  The player controls Tux the penguin and attacks evil creatures to clear eight stages.

As Tux defeats enemies, some drop power orbs which allows enemies of that color to be defeated more easily.  Clearing all of the enemies in a room opens door to the next room.  Holding the attack button will make Tux charge and shoot projectiles at the enemies.


See the Legend of Tux Wiki for more information on the project and how to download.