Miner Madness

Help the miner collect gems and escape the caves.  Run and jump to avoid the deadly bats!

This my first time submitting a game to GM48. This game jam was recommended to me by a friend in Knoxville Game Design. The last game I made in GameMaker was a game called Shape Quest that I created for a game jam in April 2016. My GameMaker skills are a little rusty, but I still remembered most of the basics. This is my first time developing a platformer in GameMaker.

The entire development stream of Miner Madness is on my YouTube channel. The total development time was about 9 hours (I didn’t start until Saturday afternoon).

Miner Madness Live Development Stream Archive

Move with the left and right arrow keys. Press space to jump. The level can be restarted by pressing escape (provided you still have lives remaining). Red rubies are worth 500 points and green emeralds are worth 1,000 points.

Note Chomper

Use the note to eat all of the dots in the maze. Avoid the rest enemies! Yellow circles give you temporary power to eat the rest enemies. First person view gives you an up close view. Online leaderboard now in testing.

Sandwich Maker Pro

Create the sandwich displayed on the request on the right side of the screen.  Choose an ingredient, such as bread, meat, or toppings on the left side of the screen.  With an ingredient selected, click on the table to use that ingredient.

When finished making the sandwich, press the request button of the sandwich that you’ve created.  If you made the sandwich correctly, it will add one to your score and a new request will appear.  Otherwise, you can continue to add to your existing sandwich.  Press the trash button to start over from scratch.  Make as many sandwiches as possible in sixty seconds.

Leaderboard API provided by DollarOne.