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New Online KMap Solver

This new and improved KMap solver was rewritten using Javascript and HTML5 Canvas.  This tool should be much more efficient and responsive than the original version that I wrote twelve years ago.  Click the cells to switch each value between a zero and one.  Red circles will appear below the grid showing the number of groupings.  Click the circles to display the optimal Karnaugh map groupings which are displayed in red.

Currently, this tool only solves 4×4 Karnaugh maps.  I hope to update it to allow the user to specify the number of rows and columns.  I also hope to add the display of the boolean expression on the right.


Original Java KMap Solver Applet

This is a simple Java applet that I wrote to solve Karnaugh maps.  Simply click on a cell to change the value from zero to one.  Once cells are selected their color changes to red.  The “circles” to solve the KMap are displayed in a list to the left of the grid.  Select a value from that list will display that “circle” in blue.

Unfortunately, over time Java applets have become much more restricted in web browsers.  In order to run this version, you will need to change your Java security settings to allow applets to run in your browser.  Newer browsers may disable Java applets entirely, which is why I rewrote this tool using Javascript and HTML5 Canvas.

Old KMap Solver Java applet

Requires Java Runtime Environment plugin installed and enabled in web browser.

Mystic Sword 2013 Remake

For the Mini LD47, I created a remake of my 1995 QBasic RPG called Mystic Sword.  The game was created using Unity and Blender.  So far, it just has a title screen and battle between the party (Fighter and Wizard) against an Imp.  An ATB (Active Time Battle) system was also added, indicated by the bars next to each character’s stats.

Play Online now!

See the comparisons between the 2013 and 1995 versions below.




Timelapse video:


Playthrough of original 1995 QBasic version: